Thursday, June 24, 2010

can I feel the tension on the trigger
perhaps it slides easily
the mechanics are all the same
but to each their own

some pull the trigger in one fluid motion
others tangiblize the tension
others drop the gun
and others don't have this fun

Have you ever contemplated embracing pure evil? It doesn't seem very sustainable. I think that is what my book is going to be about. Someone embracing evil in modern day society. Are their evil things that can still shock or at least interest people? I think so.

Anger is some scary shit, someone once said righteous anger is A-ok.

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synickdoche said...

“In his mind World War III represents the final self-destruction and imbalance of an asymmetric world, the last suicidal spasm of the dextro-rotatory helix, DNA. The human organism is an atrocity exhibition at which he is an unwilling spectator…” —J.G. Ballard