Sunday, June 27, 2010
"Our conflict is with job-wardens and consumer-keepers of a permissive looney-bin. Property, credit, interest, insurance, installments, profit are stupid concepts. Millions of have-nots and drop-outs in the U.S. are living on an overflow of technologically produced fat. They aren't fighting ecology, they're responding to it. Middle-class living rooms are funeral parlors and only undertakers will stay in them. Our fight is with those who would kill us through dumb work, insane wars, dull money morality." face.

"An event for the main business district of any U.S. city. Infiltrate the largest corporation office building with life-actors as nymphomaniacal secretaries, clumsy repairmen, berserk executives, sloppy security guards, clerks with animals in their clothes. Low key until the first coffee-break and then pour it on.

Secretaries unbutton their blouses and press shy clerks against the wall. Repairmen drop typewriters and knock over water coolers. Executives charge into private offices claiming their seniority. Guards produce booze bottles and playfully jam elevator doors. Clerks pull out goldfish, rabbits, pigeons, cats on leashes, loose dogs.

At noon 1000 freed beings singing and dancing appear outside to persuade employees to take off for the day. Banners roll down from office windows announcing liberation. Shills in business suits run out of the building, strip and dive in the fountain. Elevators are loaded with incense and a pie fight breaks out in the cafeteria. Theater is fact/action."

Friday, June 25, 2010

Sometimes I feel just as guilty looking at people who are fully clothed as I do looking at people who are naked. Is it wrong to pursue beauty with my eyes. My conscious or nature or nurture seems to think so. I think I will seek to break this habit and stare at bottoms and faces and waists and perhaps breasts are still taboo because women can't really cover them up?

But what about faces? Some people have really beautiful faces. And faces are naked. It's a good thing big sunglasses are in fashion. This is a serious issue.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

can I feel the tension on the trigger
perhaps it slides easily
the mechanics are all the same
but to each their own

some pull the trigger in one fluid motion
others tangiblize the tension
others drop the gun
and others don't have this fun

Have you ever contemplated embracing pure evil? It doesn't seem very sustainable. I think that is what my book is going to be about. Someone embracing evil in modern day society. Are their evil things that can still shock or at least interest people? I think so.

Anger is some scary shit, someone once said righteous anger is A-ok.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

World power is established not by the intelligence and prosperity of any cultural location, but by an arbitrarily geographical commitment to war and military advancement.

The worst part of fighter drones is that it reduces the sacrifice that war must endure, for at least one side.

Far more have been claimed by our Military conquests. Feeding more soldiers to the ground is worth the comfortable American existence enjoyed by so many. War will grow larger unless powerful entities take dramatic risks to improve humanity.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

I am tired of sitting in front of a computer screen and expecting to be transported, or even changed. I think that is why I stray from writing, as I see it showing me how nothing has changed.

But I know from observations throughout the day that I am a changing person. I have been trying to restructure my ulterior sub-cortex to recognize that... exercise and activity is good. But my computer and playing games and reading stories and watching videos has become my arch enemy this night. But I write and that shall be my exercise.

Whatever the state of our existence, as if we can comprehend it, there(here) is the present.

And anything is possible.