Tuesday, April 6, 2010


I often find myself contemplating what is important. What is important?

There are three things that I think most people view, in some combination, as important: /G/od, money, and comfort. (Comfort may be the end to the means of money and god, however, there are many who will sacrifice comfort on the altar of god or money.)

Of these three limiting importances, I gravitate to comfort by means of money. There is not a lot of emphasis on the money. I spend money freely, I do not save, and I do not work especially hard to procure it.

This drive for comfort, fed by convenience, is now even subconscious and certainly natural. But with my consciousness I rebuke it. With my consciousness I rebuke the importance of anything. A battle of my conscious mind and natural functioning is occuring. But it's not really that important who wins.

Unless, regardless of the battle's outcome, I try to live my life based on what others think is important. I pray that this outcome is an ally of my natural importance seeking functioning and that my mind will meet it and slay it in battle.

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