Sunday, December 6, 2009

I have an important issue with atheism and speculation of unknown beings. This is basically an attack on many straw men of a certain skin type, but I am not trying to refute atheism with this attack. I am an atheist. I would like to burn all of the straw men of this certain race that I have encountered, as I am a straw man racist.

The problem I have is atheists who base there opposition of a god based on how gods are followed and understood by humanity.

I could go into more, but I'd rather not.


I'm not so interested in historic thought - how and what people thought throughout history. Should I be? I only regard it to figure out if there are still great gaps and hurdles to jump or if everything has been thought out already. And as I have concluded the former I don't quite dwell on certain hurdles already jumped (but I recognize that they may need to be jumped over again, or rendered obsolete.)

I am interested in connecting thought to various actions of the past, but no timeline of thoughts themselves will be established. N

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