Sunday, July 26, 2009

It's time to make another entry in this, the decrepit ashtray of my life. It is a place where of everything I Read, only the things I've said high I enjoy.

But the uninhibited writing is the most prized. IT gives me the most honest look at myself. And just now I can appreciate that. Just now I can get over avoiding my honest self in pursuit of something greater. Just now I can accept who I am. Not a bad writer, but one without practice. And I will stop buying into my visions of greatness that I go bed with every night. And I will wake up to visions of greatness.

Monday, July 6, 2009

a new path

Where shall my path now be plotted?

Someplace good I think. I need to find a place where I write things down much more often. I need to find a place where I read the right things on a far more frequent basis. Where I take care of the little things in order to enjoy more big things.

I still ask if the man who eats wherever he likes and lives in a comfortable enough place and has a genuine smile on his face and laughs a good deal is has room for improvement, but my thought is yes. For whatever reason I have no idea, but I mean to find out.