Sunday, March 22, 2009

what it is cool self? I just wrote you this little ditty because no one else would. And I did a little jig and danced to it when I did it all by myself. Oh lol, hahaha. I wonder if the ladies at the bank like me, I realize that I may not know. haha. I probably fart too much. I can't believe how Naieve Oh that would truly become outrageous hillarity. It was so nice to have a neat little email address. I am part of as little community as possible and I only have a few true friends. But I try always to be up for anything, and that can be the great thing about people. Sometimes I think we realize that we are a bit sheltered. And that is the way things go with misunderstood groups of people. And the more you can understand groups of people and their dynamics the more you can understand where you are going and how you are going to get somewhere. Please allow yourself to step back and figure out how you got to where you are now and what the fuck do you plan on doing when you are done doing that major time occupier you have going on surrently. Because the illusion of time ticks and it asks you, it checks your status, of figuring out where you are and at what time. When time goes slow and you have all the ability to focus on where you are and what you are doing. That is truly when time goes short. And maybe people like acting up because it really slows down your life. Those times waiting for important meetings with people in extreme situations, those can be the neatest moment. But maybe I am thinking this aloud in an area and wouldn't understand the operation of thought at the level of society that I am handling myself in.

It makes me wonder that hey, if I could do something this good, and maybe I wonder if my dad is a genius or not. OH MY GOODNESS ..i just can't believe I am realizing this.. I just think my dad is a genius, and he is either trying to keep up,, or so glad that I am exposing things.. So I don't know, but I'm sorry he is drinking again. But people just don't know how much video gaming I have done. And Even on video games, I act like people are as experienced as I am. And in an atmosphere where everyone are thinking they are as succesful as everyone else then good qualities are being applied to all people. And when good qualities are being applies to all people, then social gatherings flourish and look beautiful. So maybe I am bringing value or subtracting it from the people in my life. Either way, I suppose they want it to stay there. A lot of the dreaming is implanted in people to bring the dreamy ones out into society. USually the beautiful groups of women are the smallest group, a solo women who is away from anything that is happening, but a woman who knows what is happening despite her innocence. That is the beauty I want and hope for. This is everything I have to say in a time when saying not much of anything personal is really the thing to do if nothing is happening. I am worried, yes that the group I am exposing this to shouldn't be letting it happen and won't when they get to the end of the right line - the line that will help them to understand where I am really coming from. The line that will bring it all together so their world will understand what is going on. When they reach that level we will hopefully finally understand where everyone is coming from.

People are in an entirely different business all together. They are in the wrong business from what they should be. And once they begin to see life the right way everything will turn over. And you will be living like Tom Cruise should, only without all the crazy. But maybe the crazy is where everyone should be. I mean the typical identification of Modern America is a fascination with a movie about Pirates. I mean are things like that unexplainable to think about to other countries. It's not about being rascist, it's just about not understanding where other people come from, and Identifying, by their skin, that they came from another place. Once certain people can see other groups of certain people, then things match up, when people can see the levels of other people that certain individuals are experiencing, they can plan accordingly by exposing themselves to that specified group of people. An individual can become obligated by attracting themselves by a group of people seeing you and you having to act out the level of achievement you display, indicating what other groups should display. This is the Scholarly Installment of Wealth and The Unseen Groupings of Common Operating Families and the People Inside of all the Houses Everywhere. And that will be the Title. And today on the program we are establishing that >>yes<< there are many other groups of people out there that you cannot begin to understand. Even if you want to but glass lenses upside down, placing the curve of them on your eyes, then you should know. You should know that I'm not going to let anything bad happen to you. You should know that you are very important to me. And I'm time travelling at you right now. I Want you to know that I am crying and I am taking this seriously and that there is a lot happening. I'm finally getting some feelings out and I'm letting a lot of things happen at a lot of different speeds right now. It's so nice to just let the rains go and let the music take you. And that's what I'm doing right now, here's something I wanted to paste from earlier I don't understand or think I remember it, but let's see what I said: the topic was misunderstood groups of people. The idea I think we all suffer from. Here is me trying to reach you from a different group of people, Christian people, and not the group I assume I'm talking to. And maybe you are Christian! And more power to you. I am glad to get to know you and I know exactly how that life is! Oh do I Ever. I just don't know who is subscribing to that life and who sees me and where I am. I am operating on a very specific aspect of time. And I just want to settle in for a bit. Heres this:

I just watched this show on channel 21 a television station called WLLA. It was pretty interesting! I haven't heard talk like this since I was younger it was called Today With God--I couldn't believe it. And The programming on Channel 8: the NBC affiliate has been outrageously entertaining. The Show "Kings" was on, and the amount of high-end advertisement was being aired on that station. It's a station I watch but I don't see a lot of advertisements on it of the caliber I saw tonight (Sunday). It seems shows on Sunday nights are watched, perhaps not by a lot of people, but by a lot of people with money able to indulge in luxury. I never realized! I thought I was sitting on the lap of luxury and that the commercials playing in this time-slot was for old people who thought they had a lot of money. (DO NOT FORGET THAT ALL OF THIS PROGRAMMING WAS VERY INVOLVED WITH GOD)(INCLUDING KINGS, WHICH IS A MAIN STREAM NBC SHOW) I have a lot more to pursue and that is fine. I am from such a small town and I really understand what that means now. I know no celebrities. So then again, I just know people who have heard of celebrities. Which means they are not really as crazy big as they are made up to be. But to be close with anyone who could come up with that kind of entertainment garnishment, could be amazing. The Object has become to make little people appear as big people to as many people as possible. Therefore the reason I have such low hopes is because I have such high expectations for myself that I am not living up to --> unreasonable expectation. And Unreasonable Expectation is a noble thing to live up to,, even if your body feels like it's crumbling. That's all I have to say for now.

I had an Idea that Christianity was not a mainstream ideal. But I think I was just buying into a group thought of a group that was smaller than they thought they were. If I can get back into Christianity I can get back a group of people that I didn't think was possible to get in touch with.

But really I am not interested in that. I am fine with living the beautiful life I am living now. And I think it's about to get a little bit more beautiful when we turn the next corner. So let's turn the page on the day, walk away, i've got sense in what I'm saying im forty fifth generation roman and I don't know them or care what they're saying or speaking or knowing.


Why do I let myself listen to her sillyness. By many's standards I could be regarding her as a peace of nothingness that I don't want to enetertain. But girls have sex with so many different people, I don't understand how they could let that happen. I like only having sex with an extremely streamlined group of people. But I also probably think I am a lot older to myself, when I look at the way others view me. But age is another completely unnoticed before, group! It is a group that evolves on the outskirts of view, but identifying yourself and acting according to your impression of people your age and what they do in order to become succesful. And once you understand that age, then you can go forth into a world of discomfort and blossom into a great beauty of fear and bliss. blear. The weather looks a bit bleary june. I Trust this is something you can take care of said the man, Persephone, to his beautiful wife Adriel. They would kiss warmly under the fountain of Espidril tonight. And that is all the Ancients, I Was watching something and even in our culture we are constantly confronted by the spiritual holdings of different cultures.

The entirety of modern American society is agreeing with the fact that modern white society is just as big as the rest of the world and the different groups abroad. And perhaps it is, but I'm pretty sure that by looking at a map we can realize that we are not the biggest, I sure hope to God we are well armed, which may even be an illusion that we have established to sell our credit to other countries. But some veins of thought in this society don't believe that the world is actually thinking what the major thinkers in this country are thinking. We don't have the first clue and or ability to understand or justify the relations of entire groups of people to certain specifications and characteristic application to certain activities, qualities and or values. And though my mind was moving fast enough (remember that we can relate speed to time, that is all the time travel I need. Stepping into a mathbook is timetravel if you know what I mean. Haha ;)

I want to escape to Mackinaw island. I wan't to know where all the people who work there live. And if it is managing to stay in active business, if there is enough tourism. I want to go there sometime this summer. And I think it would be neat to do it by myself, but maybe I can get a job. I still have the opportunity to go to Alaska for a summer. And heavens no I Shouldn't take Kendra, she just behaves so weirdly when I am on the phone. I wonder if Tim will still want to go. But maybe he won't because we haven't been able to talk. But I sure love him and wonder where he is going with things. I greatly appreciate his role in society. His group of people is global, she may have once watched commercialized church services but she/he finally made it to a place where she/he can exist with the uncommercialized religion, the harps playing in the green pastures. And that gives you access to a nice quiet place - and I've been there before, oh I've been there. But once your there, just like I am here, you will start to wonder if the grass is always greener. And just wondering what is over there will make you want it to be like it is on your side.

the grass doesn't have to be greener on the other side for it to drastically have an effect on your life. Either you will know which way you want your yard in life to look like, or someone might always be annoying you expanding a metaphor. And that comment seems like it would completely fill you in to understand the tomfoolery of this email message to ourself, myself, you, me, him, them, he who was is ever and shallmustalways be. I.

let none of this leak out and I will put the royal seal of freedom on the top, and letting everyone access shall be the honest, boldest success of my young life. And perhaps I will get snatched up by a larger groups of people. The story of Starwars really isn't that amazing, but it is succesful because it creates a fast stage for the intereactions of vast gbroups of people to interact with other vast groups of people. And that is where people find paralells to God and beauty. They will find it in groups of people encountering other groups of people, and extending feelers into other kinds of society. That is where beauty can be found. Where the similar backgrounds of everyone merge together. And maybe saying it explicately is retarded, but I've never had the chance to say it before. I've enver had the chance to voice my opinion.

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