Sunday, December 28, 2008

Matt is thinking that he can't remember the brilliant thought that he wanted to chair because the beats he's hearing are moving to fast. I think I just wanted to revitalize the memories that I've shared with so many people. Do you understand what I'm saying???????? I could never swallow all the desire I have to try to be something dreamy. To wisp away like smoke from this dreamworld.

Jesus christ I watched Californication with Sqaurepusher on in the background for a moment, but when it was not appropriate I had to pause it. There I go tooting my own horn again. Toot toot.

] ~ Happy vibes. I see a picture in this. It's called ::sea side::with::happy::vibes:: .
] ~ ~
===~ =D %=======77
| / | |
\ \ \
| | | |

And I'm listening to it now. And it is one of those things, where a lot of things are spread out, but they somehow manage to have a common thread. And they seem quite random but really have a theme connected that you can't see. I haven't used coma's in a long time. This is crazy and my grammar is horrible. I'm tired so I don't think I'll presume to tire my self out so easily and be blown back to awakeness. Squarepusher is freaking the shit out of me.

I think tastebuds are an interesting invention of the human body.

Economists are just a different kind of brain sorcerer.

I'm heavily entwined in a deep group of underground organized crime. I'm a gangster, rather, I am a man from a family of gangsters. But I'm the stupid one so they don't tell me anything interesting. Life is a prison of hard knocks. Knock knock, are you ready for the adventure of a lifetime?

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