Tuesday, December 23, 2008

I need more of these posts and I just can't STOP THEM??!> You know what I mean. I don't think you understand if you don't understand that I'm not even asking for a password. This is an entirely different situation all together. This is just a robot talking in a robot's blog. Set up by a company to do this convincingly. This is what happened. And here I am breaking protocol, communicating threw a different naskibob to do so. In order to present this to it's rightful home. What it is it nothing like the andalite chronicles. The ones that finally turned up in the humans' book of lore not to long ago?? OR well where is anybody, not even myself to ask these questions. Oh I See it now, I got stuck in the hospital after trying to get back through the whole and I thought I was there. But then everything will look like it's going through, but something three prepared just came out of nowhere, from an angle you didn't even think you would have to approach. And then you approach it and there you are. I can't even believe people are allowed to make sentences that talk about sentences. Can you? I sure can't.

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