Tuesday, November 30, 2010

I haven't written anything of significance here in a good long while. Such is the way of things.

For a long time I have battled with the things that are not able to be communicated. With away of experiencing life that cannot be shared with someone because one cannot communicate the entirety of an experience, especially if there are no common denominators by which to compare things.

It has been such a battle that I no longer wish to attempt or ponder such things. I slowly ignore these things more and more while letting the world seep into my consciousness and letting the people around me dictate who I am. They do not dictate what I will do, but are responsible for viewing my current and recent actions and judging them in the way that even I judge others. Perhaps it is impossible to break such a system, but I will try. It is love that I don't want to escape though. And I do not know how to get rid of the bullshit without also getting rid of love.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

"How were you to know that you were powerful, unless assassins were sent to kill you?"

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Dear mr fantasy play us a toon.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

This is my 101st post.

This is my 101st post.

Are we on the way up or the way down? Humanity, that is. This argument is plaguing thoughtful minds. It would seem that the most factual based thoughtful minds are in agreement that the world is crumbling under the fundamental flaws in all of us. I would argue, however, that to think all humans are flawed is such a Christian way of looking at things. By that I mean, because of the idea of original sin, there are a lot of people who are Christian who think that humanity is flawed beyond repair and born into original sin (god can save you of course.) I extend this same idea to those who do not believe in a god, but merely believe that humanity is flawed and cannot improve. Some think humanity can improve, but won't. Or, as I introduced, people who think humanitry (intended) is getting worse.

I don't believe individuals can understand each other, but can we as individuals understand humanity and/or society? Can we understand the direction it is heading? Or is it a too many headed creature? Because if we can revolutionize society, we will revolutionize ourselves. But I haven't found a way to do either yet. It has something to do with legacies, and their being bullshit.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

I'm not really saying anything, am I?

Have you ever wanted to do something that you keep almost doing but don't? I have. That exact pattern exists in my life right now!
I am so fucking ridiculously fed up with the entirety of the earth at this very moment. I am sick of the fickleness. I am sick of the dicklessness. Yes, all males have penises. Yes, they are different sizes. Yes, males like to have sex with females, except some who like to have sex with males. But no, I can't picture myself with a dick in my mouth, or one in my ass, or one in another's ass, so no, I am not gay. I do want to confront myself and my existence. I want to know the nature of the way I interact with others and the way I conduct my existence. Doesn't everyone? Or do people think they already know?

I think that is the problem with humanity: it is not skeptical enough.

People are so set in their ways; they are convinced that they are aware of their existence. I, however, am aware that I am completely unaware of my existence. I have no idea what is going on. I smile, laugh, and enjoy the entertainment. After that, I go to my room, to the house, and I eat, sleep, and enjoy the comforts and responsibilities that go along with house living. I lay in my bed and tinker around on my laptop. Sometimes I come home drunk, sometimes I come home high, and sometimes both. All times, I am happy and comfortable and loved. And I love others, but perhaps not enough. Perhaps I am so comfortable that I do not love others. Perhaps to love others is to be uncomfortable. I suggest that we all be comfortable. We should figure out if it is worth loving others, if we are all to be comfortable. Because to love others means to be uncomfortable. I think the answer is that one should be uncomfortable and be comforted by others. But I still question whether we shouldn't love others and just love ourselves. In a way it is horrible, but if everyone was doing it, then comfortable people would not be forced to be uncomfortable.

Friday, August 20, 2010

If I ever cheat on my wife it will be you I'm fucking.